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Час: 2022-03-07 Переглядів: 154

The top solid awning adopts imported polymer plates, with hyper wind resistance, anti-corrosion, impact resistance, anti-aging and other characteristics.
(1) Light transmittance: good light transmittance (88% light transmittance), no yellowing, fogging and poor light transmittance when exposed to sunlight.
(2) Weather resistance: The surface has a co-extruded layer of UV protection, which can prevent the resin from fatigue yellowing caused by the sun's UV rays. The surface co-extruded layer has the chemical attraction of ultraviolet
rays and converted into visible light. It has a good stabilizing effect on plant photosynthesis, and is suitable for protecting cars from UV damage.
(3) Impact resistance: the impact strength of polycarbonate sheet is 300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, 2 times that of tempered glass, without the risk of fracture
The danger of fracture, "unbreakable glass" and "ringing steel" reputation, is an excellent material for bulletproof glass.
(4) Flame retardant: According to the national GB8624-97 test is flame retardant B1 grade, no fire drops, no toxic gas.
(5) It will not cause deformation and other quality changes in the temperature range of -40℃ to +120℃.
(6) Lightness: light weight, easy to carry and install.
(7) Soundproofness: good soundproof effect.

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