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Час: 2022-03-07 Переглядів: 117

Thanks to the wide design freedom of the mold clones, their good molding properties and their light weight, the robust multi-layer листи полікарбонату are also ideal for architectural and interior design purposes such as exhibitions/trades fairs. A good example is the German pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 with the theme "Harmonious City". The solid panels from Bayer Sheet Korea were installed in different urban spaces (ports, parks, city squares, etc.) in unique forms such as "waves" and the use of transparent blue elements to achieve a spectacular display of "ports", all of which were made of a thickness of only 4.5 mm. All of this is made of panels with a thickness of only 4.5 mm and a total area of 320 m2.

In addition, this sheet fully complies with the strict fire classification B2 standard and will not produce any burning droplets in case of fire, thus meeting the strict safety requirements of large events such as exhibitions, even in the face of special circumstances. It can be said that this work of art made of molded clone UV multilayer panels perfectly fits the slogan of Expo 2010 - "Better City, Better Life".

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